Google Glasses First Look: Would You Wear These Augmented Reality Specs?

By Michael Hession on at

We first heard rumours about Google's augmented reality glasses a few months ago, and now in a post on Google Plus, the company has revealed some of its ideas for the project including some prototype designs. These look like the freaky science fiction concept they are. Would you wear them, though?

Watch this video of what the world would look like from behind these glasses. It's like Iron Man except instead of important world-saving information you're answering your friend's text messages and learning about delays on the subway. The Google[x] team that's working on the project says they've opened it up to the public to solicit ideas about what people actually want from a set of augmented reality glasses. From what we can see in the video, they basically seem like a smartphone notification system that allows you to respond to notifications in with your voice. Without actually trying the glasses on, the experience seems like something not only useful, but enjoyable.

And the glasses look very nerdy indeed! Google rounded up some pretty hip-looking kids to model the prototypes, and man they really are not cool looking. Instead of something out of a sci-fi film, the glasses look like nerd glasses—and not in a good way. But remember, these are only prototypes. Plus, if the functionality of the glasses is incredible, it won't matter one bit how they look. [Google+via New York Times]