Google's Self-Driving Cars Could be on Sale Within 10 Years

By Gary Cutlack on at

Reports coming out of the US claim Google's shopping its self-driving car concept around the major US car makers, hoping one or all of them may sign up to deliver cars that can drive themselves. Which would free us up to sit there clicking Google adverts on our phones.

Anthony Levandowski, one of Google's driverless car engineers, said: "We're talking to every car company to see what their level of excitement is."

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is looking at getting the concept up and running for public use inside the next decade, although there are obviously some rather large safety and regulatory hoops to jump through before any form of auto-car is declared road legal.

Interestingly, the report claims the driverless tech won't be limited to new cars, with Google planning to offer some sort of after-market kit that can adapt any old motor to use its impressive new driverless systems. [WSJ via Electronista]