Got a SIM-Free Samsung Galaxy S II? Time to Finally Grab Your Ice Cream Sandwich Update

By Sam Gibbs on at

Samsung’s finally rolling out its Ice Cream Sandwich update for off-network Galaxy S IIs via Samsung Kies, and at least one of us is lucky enough to have grabbed the update already. Looks like it just couldn’t wait for Everything Everywhere to push its update, thankfully.

Samsung posted on Facebook that it’s rolled out the updates for “XEU/SIM-free” Galaxy S IIs, and that Orange and T-mobile’s updates will be here as soon as possible – where have we heard that before.

Considering we were expecting Samsung to keep the unbranded update to itself until all the networks had rolled out their updates, this comes as a bit of good early news to SIM-free buyers. It’s still miles late, mind, and I’m still unsure why Samsung felt it absolutely necessary to delay it this long, but at least it should be as smooth as silk, right? [Facebook]

Thanks jpxdude!