Guy In A Cow Suit Shoplifts 120 Litres Of Milk From A Supermarket

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This has to be one of the weirdest shoplifting cases ever.

A guy dressed in a cow suit somehow stole 120 litres of milk at around 10:30 PM from a busy Walmart in Virginia, reports David Pierce at Inside Nova.

It gets better. Police say the 18-year-old crawled out of the store on all-fours, though there's no word yet on whether he mooed or not.

Afterwards, the man began handing out the stolen milk jugs to passersby.

Police caught the mischievous cow at a nearby McDonald's - without his suit, which they later found in his car.

It was probably a prank, but the biggest question remains unsolved.

How the hell he did manage to crawl out the front door of a Walmart - past the gauntlet of loss-prevention workers, cashiers and greeters - with such a massive amount of milk?

The sheriffs office says that it doesn't have surveillance video of the incident. Any theories? Leave them in the comments.

Story originally appeared at Business Insider.

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Image Credit: scrich00 / Flickr