How to Tell if You (Or Someone You Know) Are a Twitter Assclown

By Sam Biddle on at

You know Klout. It gathers your social media data to measure your influence. But Klout is dumb. Klout makes people think I am a good mum. But what if you could mine social data to tell you how insufferable any given person is on Twitter? That sounds a good deal more fun.

Klouchebag is a single-serve site that analyses your Twitter behavior and spits out a number—your Klouchebag rating. Here's how that rating's put together, according to creator Tom Scott, who coded it in a few hours:

Klouchebag uses the ARSE rating system. Anger: profanity and rage. Retweets: "please RT"s, no or constant retweeting, and old-style. Social Apps: every useless checkin on foursquare or its horrible brethren. And English Usage: if you use EXCLAMATION MARKS OMG!!! or no capitals at all, this'll be quite high.

It's not meant to be taken super seriously, but unlike Klout, it knows that. And it's certainly fun seeing how much of an arse it thinks you and all of your horrible friends are. Which, you know, see the above image. [Klouchebag via BetaBeat]