HTC Caught Photoshopping Out Its Own Bulges

By Sam Gibbs on at

Almost every photo of just about anyone we see in the media has had the photoshop treatment. Slice a bit of fat off here, smooth that out, take out the imperfections there – man kind at its most unobtainable. When it comes to tech, though, you wouldn’t expect a manufacturer to photoshop out a bulge on its handset just to make it look a bit thinner in an advert, but it appears that’s exactly what HTC’s done to its One X.

Can you spot the difference? HTC’s basically rotated the phone and sliced the camera off the back to make it appear flush with the rest of the One X’s svelte frame. Unfortunately in real life it’s quite a visible bulge indeed. HTC's fakery is straight out of an advert wrap on Monday April 5th's edition of Metro, as you can see below. Oh dear HTC, feeling the anorexic-phone pressure are we? [DigitalHelder]

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