HTC One S Benchmarked, Qualcomm Beats Nvidia in Smartphone Power War

By Gary Cutlack on at

Just when we though the HTC One X was the next phone for us (and the rest of the world), power tests of HTC's slightly smaller HTC One S arrive and throw our upgrade plans into crisis.

The HTC One S, which uses Qualcomm's new dual-core S4 processor, produces some astonishing results when run through the usual Android benchmarking tools, appearing to outclass the already impressive One X and its quad-core Tegra 3 chipset in several areas.

There's a pretty big caveat attached to the idea of comparing the two phones, though. The One X has to power a larger 1280x720 resolution display, while the screen on the One S runs at a lesser 960x540, so the dual-core S4 has less work to.

Incidentally, we have the One S here to review. It's every bit as fast to use as the benchmarks suggest, inside an even slimmer and more stylish case than the One X. You'll like it. [Slashgear]