If You Can't Afford a Lamborghini Aventador, Maybe You Can Afford a Lambo Bike Instead?

By Sam Gibbs on at

If you’re anything like me you’ve been lusting after the new Lamborghini Aventador since it was launched. Sadly, again like me, you’re probably never going to have enough money to afford one, but how about a Lambo bike instead? It’s a snip at only £16,400.

The BMC impec Automobili Lamborghini Edition takes BMC’s flagship bike, at an already wallet smacking £7,400, and adds a Lambo logo on the front; a handmade suede saddle and handlebars, and a LP 700-4-inspired orange coloured seat tube – an incredible array of upgrades for your extra £9,000, I’m sure you’ll agree.

BMC, a Swiss bike maker, will only make 30 of these beauties, so you’re also buying exclusivity for your not-inconsiderable chunk of change. If you’re interested and have over sixteen-grand burning a whole in your pocket, just pop down to your local Lamborghini dealer and pre-order one for pick-up in June. [BikeRadar]