If You Thought Tetris Leggings Were Bad, Wait Till You See This Tetris Swimsuit

By Sam Gibbs on at

Retro prints are apparently all the rage – bright colours, geometric shapes, it’s as if Tetris was born for it. Then again Tetris-style leggings were bad enough, but printing Tetris on a swimsuit is just a terrible idea that not even a gorgeous-looking model can really pull off. Unless, of course, you’re off to a geek chic pool party or something, but when would you ever do that in good old "drought ridden" Blighty?

If you’re looking to get something for your little lady, this beauty will set you back £66 including postage from Australia. I wouldn’t recommend it, though, unless you’re with a hard-core geek – you might end up eating out of the dog bowl for a month or two if she’s not a fan or you screw-up her size. [Blackmilk via Kotaku]