Intel's Ivy Bridge: Tri-Gate Transistors Bring Supercharged Performance

By Adrian Covert on at

Today is the day that the full veil comes off Intel's Ivy Bridge processors, which will be more commonly known as the third generation of Core processors. With that comes stats and specs about what Ivy Bridge is built on and what it will be capable of. Here's everything you need to know about Ivy Bridge:

- What makes Ivy Bridge more powerful is its implementation of 22nm tri-gate transistors, which use a 3D design that enables Moores law to remain intact.

- Ivy Bridge will offer 37 per cent better overall performance than Sandy Bridge processors, and 20 per cent better multithreading performance with 20 per cent less power consumption.

- Integrated graphics performance and media performance will be two times better than Sandy Bridge, and can support three displays.

- There will be 300 different Ivy Bridge notebooks and 270 desktops (which include towers and All-In-Ones coming in the following year.