Is This the First Leaked Shot of the Nikon D3200?

By Mario Aguilar on at

It's been a mighty year for Nikon DSLR refreshes between the D4 and the D800. Now there are rumours that Nikon will update its budget DSLR, the D3100, with the D3200. Is this supposedly leaked partial shot from DSLR Maniac in Japan our first look at the camera?

In addition to the partial shot, the the report includes pricing information. Translated from Japanese, the information above says:

Nikon D3200 body black 76,300 yen
Nikon D3200 lens kit camera 85,300 yen
Nikon D3200 200mm double zoom kit black 107,800 yen
Nikon wireless mobile adapter WU-1a 4,720 yen

Converted into sterling means the price of the camera alone will be about £585, the body with a kit lens (most likely an 18-55 mm lens) will cost £650, and the camera with a longer 200mm kit will cost £825. We certainly hope those D3200 prices are either incorrect or Japan only because they're considerably more expensive than the camera's last incarnation. The D3100 only costs £400 with a basic kit lens. Let the speculation begin. [DSLR Maniac via Nikon Rumors via The Verge]