John Lewis (Yes, the Shop) Launches Broadband Packages

By Gary Cutlack on at

The high street chain is about to become an ISP, offering a range of broadband contracts between £11 and £25 a month. It'll even take on your phone line if you like.

The posh furniture and cheese retailer seems to be banking on buyers being prepared to pay a premium for having their internet come through a John Lewis branded connection, even though it's obviously just reselling the same product as everyone else.

The lowest package costs £11 plus £13.50 line rental, for which you get an up to 16Mb connection with a 20GB data allowance. The higher £18-a-month option removes the data restriction. There's also a fibre option, for £25 plus line rental, along with a 100GB cap and an "up to" speed of 38Mbps. [John Lewis Broadband via Telegraph]