Latest Galaxy S III Leaks Shows... The Galaxy Nexus

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest supposed leak of Samsung's next Galaxy phone reveals a phone that looks almost identical to Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, only with a physical Home button giving it an oddly retro appearance.

The newest leak comes via Phone Arena and shows a phone that's been removed from the housing it was hidden within in the previous batch of images, with the S III featuring a very similar button arrangement to that of last year's Galaxy S II. It has Back and Menu buttons either side of a physical Home key, in classic Samsung style.

It's a bit odd that Samsung would choose to ignore Android's new multi-tasking menu button that's taking pride of place on most new Android 4.0 phones nowadays, but then again it probably feels under pressure not to alienate or confuse the millions of S II fans either.

Meanwhile, we have confirmation of Samsung's plan to call the phone the Galaxy S III despite all the oddly vague "Next Galaxy" teasers. The company's senior vice president Robert Yi, speaking at a financial event, said: "We are anticipating very strong demand of Galaxy S III." [Phone Arena; Samsung via The Verge via Slashgear]