Less Than Safe Last Night? Don't Worry, Emergency Contraception Can Now Be Delivered Straight to Your Desk

By Sam Gibbs on at

There’s not much worse than the sinking feeling the morning after you’ve done the dirty and realised that you weren’t quite as safe as you should have been. That’s were most turn to the morning-after pill, but how do you get it when you’re stuck in work all day? Never fear, DrEd’s new "pill-by-bike" service will deliver right to your desk.

The emergency contraception pill works best taken as soon as possible, so getting it promptly is crucial. It’s available free from places like your GP, a sexual health clinic or some pharmacies; you can even get it from the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which requires that you have a conversation with a nurse over the phone, but will then deliver the pills to your home.

Starting next week though, DrEd will deliver to wherever you happen to be for £20. You submit an online form, which is quickly reviewed by a doctor before dispatch. The service is only currently available in London and is powered by the same folks who’ll bring you an emergency HDMI cable from Maplin within a couple of hours.

I can see this being incredibly useful for women who have been caught-out one way or another, but I just wish they’d deliver other things. Emergency alka-seltzer, paracetamol and bacon rolls come to mind. [Evening Standard]

Image credit: Worried woman from Shutterstock