Lightweight Carbon Fibre Axe Is More Of an Artistic Masterpiece Than a Tool

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Who says artists can only use paints and canvas, or musical instruments, to craft a masterpiece? The folks at Blue Ant Studio deserve a spot in the Louvre for its lightweight but strong Carbo Axe made from titanium and carbon fibre.

The axe was designed with help and input from the US military's EOD—or explosive ordnance disposal—community and features a hardened titanium core and a carbide-tungsten cutting edge sandwiched between layers of carbon fibre. The rest of the axe, including the handle and fastening hardware, is a mix of carbon fibre and titanium as well, resulting in an incredibly light tool that's perfect for camping adventures when you have to carry all your gear. Or for just framing and mounting over a fireplace. [Blue Ant Studio via Notcot]