Listen to Ridley Scott Talk Sci-Fi While You Feast Your Eyes On Some More Awesome Prometheus Footage

By Sam Gibbs on at

We’ve got yet another tasty Prometheus treat for you today, and this one’s chock-a-block full of new footage plus some Ridley Scott worship. The featurette has Scott talking sci-fi, while we get to see more from inside the alien ship, Prometheus, and out on the alien planet.

I knew Ridley Scott was an awesome director – just look at his back catalogue of fantastic films – but the actors are positively gushing over him. It’s almost a tad embarrassing. Still, if they love his direction that much because he's that good, then Prometheus surely will be an absolutely amazing blockbuster-of-a-film. I think this might be one of those occasions where I have to bite the bullet and pay through the nose to see a film in IMAX and 3D. [YouTube, Apple via TotalFilm]