Make Silly Webcam Faces to Scrunch Up a Nike Trainer

By Kyle Wagner on at

Making stupid faces on a webcam is pretty close to a natural state of being. It's the first thing kids, old people, and idiots do when they sit down at a computer. And the evil geniuses at Nike somehow managed to make it even more fun.

Nike Free Face actually launched in Japan this week, but is available as a web app anywhere. It lets you contort a 3D version of the apparently-super-flexible Nike Free Run+ trainer by making weird faces at your webcam. That's it. Scrunched up face, scrunched up shoe. It's shockingly fun for no good reason at all. There's a contest for the best face/shoe combinations with a weekly Nike gift card, but really, the ten minutes you'll spend acting like you've never seen a webcam before is all the reward you should need. [Nike Japan via FastCo Create]