Man-Powered Pedal Plane Makes First Wobbly, Lopsided Flight

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man from the television has just managed to fly, by pedaling a small plane about five feet off the ground. Not bad going, given how stupidly small the wheels were and the fact he was pedaling into the wind to aid stability.

The maiden flight of this pedal-powered plane was put together by BBC science show Bang Goes The Theory, which strapped presenter Jem Stansfield into a surprisingly elegant custom-built bike/plane hybrid and had him pedal himself into the air.

The video over on the BBC shows that he stayed up for a good few seconds and must've travelled 20 or 30 metres under his own steam, before the plane lost stability and started rolling. Still, a good start. Taking it over the English Channel next, Jem? [BBC]