Meet the Vehicle That's Going to Stir-Up Hell In Prometheus

By Sam Gibbs on at

We got to see the Prometheus itself and its Medipod last week, but now we’ve been treated to the lowdown on the vehicle the Prometheus crew are going to use to journey into the heart of the alien planet and release utter carnage upon mankind. Disappointingly, no guns again.

Like its Aliens brother before it (or should that be after it?), it’ll carry the crew surface side. It’s equipped with carbon matter sensors, for you know, detecting aliens and stuff; a reinforced touchscreen blast-shield, for playing Angry Birds while the aliens attack; some sort of maintenance system that’s bound to be of absolutely no use; titanium coated armour, which probably isn't acid-resistant; oh, and a radio for calling out for help when the crap hits the fan. It’s even got ultra bright bio-LEDs, so you can see precisely what’s about to smash through your windscreen and turn you into a host.

Where are the guns for goodness sake? Just like with the Prometheus, you shouldn’t ever go to an alien world without guns – even Star Trek: Enterprise got that right. Maybe you can fit in some guns where the spell checker should have been, eh? At any rate, you’ll be sorry you’re not packing heat on everything possible, I’m absolutely certain of that. [The Hitlist]