Mice Grow Massive Testicles by Eating Yogurt

By Kyle Wagner on at

When you eat yogurt, it's probably because you want to drop a few pounds or snack on something tasty and refreshing. But, if you are a mouse at least, your favorite bacteria culture treat could also give you huge testicles.

That's what biologists at MIT discovered when they were testing the effects of yogurt on obesity. They fed three groups of mice high-nutrient yogurt, standard mouse food, and low-nutrient food meant to stand in for the crap the morbidly-obese American public consumes. Not surprisingly, eating healthily produced the best results: The yogurt eaters had "luxuriantly silky fur" and "projected their testes outward, which endowed them with a certain 'mouse swagger.'" Mouse swag!

The male yogurt eaters were also found to have 5 percent larger testicles than the mice who ate normal food, and 15 percent larger than the junk food eaters. And it's not just for show: the yogurt-engorged mice also showed a higher rate of insemination, and produced more young per pregnancy. So the swag is justified! If we justify swag by big families and large, thrusting mouse testes. [Scientific American]

Original mouse image via irin-k/Shutterstock; Original T-Shirt image via Spreadshirt