Microsoft Is Bringing "Smoked By Windows Phone" to the Mean Streets of the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

Nokia brought its Windows Phone challenge to London once, but now Microsoft wants to bring its pretty obnoxious “smoked by Windows Phone” challenge to the rest of Britain. Thankfully Microsoft’s wisely been a tad more subtle for the UK and branded it “Dare to Live” – win and you claim £20; lose and you have to complete a “dare”.

Dares currently include being flung in the air by a reverse bungee or being forced to complete a 60m-long high ropes course – potentially less embarrassing than having to pose for a “smoked” picture I suppose, although you still have to pose for a “dared by” photo. If you lose you’ll also get a voucher for £100 off a Nokia Lumia 800 from Phones 4u, which is better than a kick in the teeth I guess.

Microsoft’s touring Britain with Edinburgh up next this weekend – let’s just hope that if someone wins fair and square Microsoft actually coughs up the £20 and doesn’t act like an arse about it.