Mysterious Rainbow River of Pills Appears In China

By Jesus Diaz on at

This sewer runs along Zhengshang Road, in Zhengzhou, China. On April 21st, the strangest thing happened overnight: it got covered with pill capsules. Pill capsules everywhere, gazillions of them, turing the water into a gross soup of colourful molecules.

Nobody knows what happened, and there are no pharmaceutical factories nearby. Months ago, there used to be a small pharmaceutical shop, but it was closed by the authorities as they suspected it could be a secret laboratory, but nobody knows anything about it and the police have no leads.

Fortunately, the capsules are biodegradable -- at least, I hope they are. I'm on pills waiting for a root canal, and this is what I imagine my intestines look like right now. Yeuch. [163 via Chinasmack]