Netflix Reckons It's Got LoveFilm Licked In the Streaming Wars

By Sam Gibbs on at

Netflix is being pretty bullish over its UK expansion, citing a record jump in subscriber numbers and saying that, on the movie-front at least, it has Amazon’s LoveFilm beat.

Apparently Netflix has managed to tie-up deals for films accounting for around 20 per cent of the UK box-office takings for 2012 so far (PDF), while LoveFilm only has deals for about 6 per cent. In theory that means that Netflix’s film library should be better with The Hobbit, Hunger Games and The Woman in Black all secured. Considering these deals are all for some date in the future though, Amazon still has time to sign deals and grab content, so I wouldn't call this game-set-and-match just yet.

It’s not all about movies either; when you compare the two services side-by-side the streaming quality Netflix manages far outstrips LoveFilm’s current best. TV content also plays a big part of the streaming war, and for the moment, if you love American TV shows Netflix is your friend.

It’s great that we’ve got two competing services to keep the price down, but when they’re both tying-up exclusives you might end up having to fork out for both just to see the movies and TV you crave. Let’s hope Netflix brings more of its decent US TV library to the UK and that Amazon pumps a bit more money into LoveFilm to turn its streaming arm into the service it deserves to be. [Netflix (PDF) via New York Times]

Image credit: jcestnik from flickr