New Apple Patent Hints at Wireless Charging for the iPhone and iPad

By Casey Chan on at

A new Apple patent discovered by AppleInsider shows plans for new product packaging and that's... pretty boring. What is interesting about the new packaging though is that it may hint at future where iPhones and iPads would charge wirelessly.

The new packaging patent for the iPhone and iPad shows "unobtrusive packaging" which means the package would just show the actual product itself, not a picture. This sort of "unobtrusive packaging" isn't new of course (heck, Apple uses it for the Magic Mouse) but they typically don't allow for charging to take place. In the patent, Apple shows an option of using an RF power transmitter where there's a base station that transmit power to the receivers (which would be the packaging itself) and charges everything back up. That means these iPhones and iPads could potentially have a home where they could be charged wirelessly.

Of course with patents being patents and iPhones and iPads selling as they do, who knows how useful this method of wireless charging inside the packaging will be. One thing for sure: it sure would be nice to charge your iPhone without any wires. [Apple Insider]