Awful New JCB Smartphone Needs Burying in Concrete

By Gary Cutlack on at

JCB's Toughphone range of horrendously pimped black & yellow mobiles has been updated with a proper smartphone option, thanks to the Android-powered Toughphone Pro-Smart.

However, it is neither very smart or particularly professional. Beneath that appalling rugged plastic casing sits a small 3.2" touch screen, which is powered by a rather weedy 800MHz processor. Android 2.3 is the OS. It's a 2009 Android phone in a 1979 case, basically.

It's not all bad, though. JCB's added a 2000mAh battery to the thing, so it ought to stay alive for longer then the numerous higher-spec Android models out there, plus you get a two-year warranty thanks to the protective nature of that monstrous plastic and its IP67 water-resistant certification. [Clove]