New Screen-Protecting Film Heals Itself Like Magic

By Mario Aguilar on at

Toray Advanced Film Co Ltd (mouthful!) has developed a new self-healing film that protects the glass screens on our phones, tablets, and computers. The film can repair itself in just 10 seconds at room temperature, and while it won't withstand the incision of a knife, it is very durable against the dings and bangs incurred as we tote our gadgets around in everyday life.

The technology sounds great, and Toray is already selling it as protection for some notebooks in Japan. But when will we see this "Self-cure Coat Film" on all of our gadgets? According to TechOn, "The company will mass-produce the film at a rate of several hundred thousand square meters per year." If the film works as well as the early reports suggest, it might not be too long before your smartphone gets an extra layer of protection. [TechOn via Engadget]