Nintendo Posts First Annual Loss -- £280m Down as Wii and DS Sales Fade

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nintendo's casual gaming based world domination seems to be coming to an end, in money-making terms at least, with the Japanese gaming giant reporting its first ever loss for the last financial year.

The Mario maker managed to lose around £280m in the year ending March 2012, thanks to a total fall in sales of around 36 per cent.

There are quite a few reasons for the sad turnaround. Wii sales are down, the company's 3DS was a bit of a launch flop and required a series of massive price cuts to remain in the public eye, plus the world generally running out of money has wreaked havoc with the exchange rates and Nintendo's yen currency conversions.

Even so, it's a sad day for Nintendo when it can't manage to make a profit after so many glory years powered by the DS and Wii phenomenons. [BBC -- Thanks Darrell]