Nokia's New York Audio-Visual Assault Doesn't Quite Live Up to London's Event

By Sam Gibbs on at

Remember when Nokia turned the Millbank Tower on the bank of the Thames in London into a massive deadmau5 visualiser for the launch of the Lumia 800? It’s tried to match that in New York’s Times Square for the Lumia 900, but failed.

Maybe I’m biased being a Londoner and all, but turning the whole Millbank Tower into an awesome light and sound show beats out just one corner of a building in New York for me. I know it’s Times Square and all, but that’s just one big advertising covered square like Piccadilly Circus as far as I can see.

Still, it looks like it would have been an awesome party if you’d actually been there for Nicki Minaj. Thankfully us Brits can watch the five-minute video above to get a feel for it from the comfort of our little island we like to call home.