Notes From the Frontline: Ask a Cop!

By Matt Delito on at

I've been on a load of training courses and aid (that's policing large events and such), and unfortunately just haven't had the time to write up another crazy whirl-wind adventure for you guys this week. But I'll make up for it by going against my better judgement: I'm going to answer a round of questions!


So, if there's a question you've ever wanted to ask a police-cop, here's your chance.

Post a comment on this post, and I'll try to get to as many of them as I can next week, in a bonus Matt Delito column here on Giz UK. Obviously, it's a universal truth that there is no such thing as stupid questions, but if you prove me wrong*, I reserve the right to handcuff you to a very large speaker and play Spice Girls songs at you for twenty hours straight.

Hopefully things will have calmed down a little bit by then, too, so we can return to the normal scheduled Crazy Adventures in the Life of a Matt Delito.

*) There are many ways to prove me wrong; I can not answer questions about cases in progress, for example, but I could go into some detail about hypothetical questions, for example...


But... We wanted a new story!

Sorry... But you know, there are quite a few notes that have already been posted; have you read all of them already? Or, if you're considering re-reading some in a desperate, last-gasp-of-desperation attempt to skive off work on a Friday afternoon before bee-lining it to the pub... Here's five of my favourite columns:

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- And, of course, last week's story, which I think many of you missed on account of Easter bunnies and all that lark


Matt Delito is a pseudonym for a policeman working for the Metropolitan Police. All Notes from the Frontline are not entirely “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,” due to the sensitive nature of the business, but are all based on actual events. These days, he’s on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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Image Credit: Police image from Shutterstock.