Office Sound System Lets You Skip Tracks By Whipping Something At this Poster

By Andrew Liszewski on at

In an attempt to stop people from queuing up unpopular songs in its public Spotify-powered sound system, the folks at Agency Republic created this interactive wall poster that can be used to easily skip tracks. All you have to do is slap, hit, fire, or throw something at it.

Anyone working in the studio's office is able to queue up the music they want to hear, but if it happens to be something terribly atrocious that needs to be veto'd asap, a knock sensor on the back of the poster will detect when it's been hit by anything from a fist to a Nerf dart. Like any hack these days there's an Arduino involved, which translates the hit into a signal telling Spotify to move on to the next track. There is of course the potential for abuse here, but it's the best attempt we've seen at maintaining an office playlist democracy. [Spotify via Laughing Squid]