One S Not "Impossible to Damage" HTC Tells Paint Chip Moaners

By Gary Cutlack on at

HTC's come in for a bit of stick over the quality of the finish on its new One S Android, phone over the last few days, with some early buyers and reviewers finding the phone rather easy to chip and something of a magnet for paint blemishes.

HTC's put out a statement on the issue, saying it's seen "a few, isolated reports" of problems with the black coating coming off the One S, while pointing out that its laboratory testing found the covering on the One S is hard, but that "doesn't mean it's impossible to damage."

And while the HTC One S we reviewed is indeed a little chipped and blemished in places, you shouldn't let that put you off it too much. It's still one of the best phones around today, even if it does look a bit battle-scarred after a few weeks. [The Verge]