Orange's 'Quick Tap' NFC Payments Gently Touching Android

By Gary Cutlack on at

Orange is opening up its Quick Tap payment system to all Android models, although you'll obviously need one of the more recent phones that actually contains the required NFC chip in order to speed up your future crisp purchasing transactions.

It's a bit awkward, as you'll be using a custom Orange account rather than linking your actual bank account, with users required to first pre-load up to £100 of money in their Quick Tap account, which can then be frittered away through your mobile. The current payment limit of £15 will be increased to £20 by June, making it a further 33 per cent more useful

Currently, only the Samsung Tocco and Samsung Wave 578 are supported by the Quick Tap system, so this ought to give it a much wider and more thorough testing. Orange is already advertising the Xperia S as supporting Quick Tap payments. [Telegraph]