Panasonic Steals Crown for Giant 8k TV That Will Melt Your Face

By Sam Biddle on at

We thought Sharp's eye-skewering, 85-inch 8k TV ad CES was an act of Zeus. It literally made us nauseous, it looked so good. But that's nothing, as of right now: Panasonic just dropped a 145-inch 7,680 x 4,320 mega-set.

The plasma set is a prototype, of course, and the 8k technology itself is still many, many years from being anywhere near your living room. But even knowing this sort of thing exists is pretty spectacular—having gazed into it myself, I can tell you 8k is like looking out of a window. Jarringly so. 145 inches will probably never be practical for the home of anyone but the most palatially-housed, but it stands alone as a feat. And just imagine it in, say, a sports bar, or someplace that can actually accomodate a machine this absurdly large.

Panasonic says making a set this mammoth without flicker was tough, but they pulled it off—and Japanese broadcaster NHK will be showing it off in public next month. If you're lucky enough to be present for this, we suggest wearing a welder's mask, lead apron, and gripping a crucifix. [Panasonic via Engadget, Photos via]