Panasonic's GF5 Micro Four Thirds Camera: Just Like the Old One, But Video-ier and More ISO-y

By Kat Hannaford on at

Et voila, and Panasonic's leaked (on Instagram!) GF5 micro four thirds is a reality, and mighty fine it sounds, too. Harking back to the GF3 shape, Panny's popped a new image sensor and processor into the 12-megapixel camera, which also features a higher-res LCD screen.

Not to mention eight additional arty filters, such is the popularity of trying to shoot like you're back in the '70s. In other news, the ISO range has been ramped up from 6400 on the GF3 to 12,800 on the GF5, and a nod has been thrown at the videographer's way, with a new 1080p 30fps MP4 work ethic.

On sale in June, the GF5 will cost £449 with a standard kit lens. [Panasonic]