Philippe Starck Was Probably Just Making a Big, Expensive Boat For Steve Jobs

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Apple-loving parts of the internet got rather excited late last week, after French designer Philippe Starck claimed he was working on something exciting and new for Apple, that'd launch in around eight months. But he probably just meant Steve Jobs' fantasy yacht.

According to tech site AllThingsD, Apple had no comment to make regarding Starck's interview boasts, but it's likely he was referring to the yacht he was helping design for Jobs in association with luxury boat building company Feadship. The yacht was mentioned in the widely read book of Jobs, where Steve's biographer Walter Isaacson said it'd be "revolutionary" as all Apple things tend to be.

The image above is of a similar project by Feadship, not the actual Jobs boat. But it could be similar. Start queuing for one now if you're a Russian oil billionaire with a spare mooring. [AllThingsD]

Image credit: Charter World