Posters That React to Being Kissed Are the Worst Idea Ever

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Ah, Japan, you crazy-ass country you. As if your advertising wasn't surreal enough already, the advent of posters that react to being kissed has taken things into a whole new league.

Developed by researchers at Keio University, a new range of displays use ultrasound sensors to measure proximity, in turn displaying a change in reaction on the face on the poster as a passer-by leans in for a kiss. The team thinks it has great promise, explaining:

"We think we could get pop idols to actually pose for this, and sell it as an application, or it could be used in digital signage. I think people would be really attracted by a face that gives a kiss as they walk past."

I beg to differ. Didn't anybody mention germs in the first design meeting? Still, with the research group planning to create an iPad app using the same technology, it could be the perfect complement to the iPad Fleshlight. Right? [DigInfo]