Pretend It's the Olympic Crush Already With This Awesome London Tube Tent

By Sam Gibbs on at

It’s going to be so unbelievably rammed in London by the time the Olympics roll around; hell for anyone who lives or works in the capital that's for sure. Why not get some pre-conditioning in before the tourist hordes descend with this fantastic kiddy-tent – all that's missing are pictures of people’s faces squashed up against the glass.

The “play tent” is, of course, designed for kids, so you might have a hard time fitting into it, but that’ll just add to the realism. There’s the iconic tube train along with a ticket office to keep the little ones, or big kids amused all day. The only issue is, perhaps, the £60 asking price, but then you can’t put a price on Olympic survival pre-conditioning now can you. [The Monster Factory via Retro to Go]