QOTD: What's More Important, Battery Life or a Thinner Phone?

By Kat Hannaford on at

I’m in Seattle this week, hearing about some exciting HTC goodies coming up. But while I can’t talk about that stuff just yet, I want to hear your opinion on something that had 25 bloggers from around the world scratching their heads: What’s more important to you, battery life or the thinness of the device?

I ask because Claude Zellweger, the design director of One & Co (the agency HTC uses for many of its product designs, including the One series), told us we’re headed for a future where phones will get even thinner, down to as “much” as 5mm thick. HTC’s thinnest phone, the One S, is 7.8mm thick and comes with a 1650mAh battery which pleased reviewers, but many other phones don't fare quite as well.

It’s what Joe Blow on the street wants, added HTC’s Vice President of Portfolio Strategy, Björn Kilburn. But there’s an obvious downside to those slinky form-factors, and that’s the issue which has plagued many smartphones of recent months (years!). Poor battery life. Kilburn said shaving a millimetre or two off a phone will sell more units than a longer battery life, and while you and I might need a phone that can get us through a full day’s heavy usage, the average consumer (read: most of the population) wets its pants over a phone that won’t bulk out the pocket of their jeans.

So tell me: what’s more important to you? And where’s the happy medium?