RIM Upping its Game With All-Touch BB10, Due in October?

By Gary Cutlack on at

According to those who enjoy keeping track of RIM's performances, the BlackBerry maker is preparing to reveal its first BB10 device in the summer, with a launch of the new hardware and software combo set for this autumn.

The news comes via site N4BB, which claims its "source" says the first BB10 device will be an entirely touch-based piece of hardware, which will go on sale by October. Those for whom BlackBerry is NOTHING without its usual QWERTY keyboard will be left waiting until early 2013, when RIM is expected to release its first BB10 with a physical keyboard.

We've already seen leaked images of a couple of potential BB10 devices, with the exotic sounding BB Milan and the closer-to-home BlackBerry London (above) frequently popping up online whenever people discuss RIM's possible future models. [N4BB via Techradar]