Samsung Comes to Its Senses and Halts Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Production to Slap a Quad-Core Chip In It

By Sam Gibbs on at

More delays face Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, but this time Android’s not to blame – Samsung’s decided that it’s just not good enough in its planned incarnation, and we’re inclined to agree. Everyone’s shoving quad-core chips in their Android tablets, so Samsung launching one with basically the same dual-core processor as its predecessor seemed a bit daft to me; thankfully Samsung now agrees.

There aren’t any specifics on the chip that Samsung’s going to throw in this thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung’s new Exynos chip rather than it being Nvidia powered. Whichever way the Koreans decide to go, a new chip with a lot more horsepower can only be a good thing for this previously also-ran-looking tablet.

According to Netbook News the Galaxy Note 10.1 is also set to get the same quad-core upgrade too, which should please the stylus-loving among us. Whether this will affect the scheduled May landing for the Tab 2 10.1 we also don’t know, but I suspect well see that pushed back, so don’t expect to get your grubby mitts on one next month. [Netbook News via TechRadar]