Samsung Galaxy S III Keeping the Old Favourite Physical Home Button

By Gary Cutlack on at

According to news coming out of Korea, Samsung's been suffering a bit of inner turmoil regarding its Galaxy S III and the tricky question of whether to dump the physical Home button in favour of Android 4.0's preferred all-software control system.

The Korean Digital Daily news source claims Samsung has decided to stick with the physical Home button for its next Galaxy S, a move clearly designed to make upgrading less of a confusing process for its millions upon millions of Galaxy S II owners.

The site also claims Samsung's software will rearrange Android's Home screen layout, letting users install their icons in rows of five, rather than Android's standard four icon width layout. Perhaps this is also a clue that the Galaxy S III will arrive with a much, much higher resolution display than we're expecting?

The site also says the latest Samsung Android model could go on sale by May, now the internal button crisis is out of the way. [Korean Digital Daily via Unwired View]