Samsung Throws Wi-Fi Into Its Entire NX Pro Compact Camera Range For All Your Instant Embarrassing Facebook Uploads

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like 2012 will be the year that Wi-Fi-packing cameras will finally come of age so you don’t have to keep plugging the damn things in to pull images. Samsung’s updated its NX CSC cameras with Wi-Fi for hooking up to a smartphone or tablet, or providing direct access to Facebook, Picasa and YouTube from the camera, plus its thrown in a 20MP APS-C sensor in all of them for good measure.

The rest of each of the cameras aren’t all that different from their predecessors though, packing 1080p recording; ISO 100-12800, and fast shutter speeds in the 1/8000 second range.

Samsung’s Wi-Fi Smart will let you email you masterful compositions direct from the camera, or upload them to social networks. You can even push them to a smartphone, or fire them onto your Samsung smart TV if that’s your thing. We’ve been waiting quite some time for Wi-Fi-equipped cameras to truly come of age, but with both Nikon and Samsung unveiling Wi-Fi options, maybe wireless cameras will finally be ubiquitous and actually useful.

The NX20 will set you back wallet crushing £900, while the cheaper NX210 with a 18-55mm lens will still burn a £749-shaped hole in your finances. The smallest of the bunch, the NX1000, will cost £600 with a 20-50mm lens.