Samsung's Own App Lets Slip the Galaxy S III (Updated)

By Sam Gibbs on at

If you were in any doubt that Samsung’s “next Galaxy” will turn out to be none other than the company’s new flagship phone, these two snippets should kill that off. Vodafone’s come out and said that it’ll have “the next Galaxy”, whatever it is, and Samsung’s Mobile Unpacked app even says it’s for the “Galaxy S3 unpack” event.

That doesn’t mean Samsung won’t roll out something else as well at its May 3rd event, but whatever it is it’ll be all but over shadowed by the Galaxy S III. Let’s hope it lives up to all this hype Samsung’s attempting to generate, otherwise the sheep might just seek some revenge. [Google Play via Android Police]

Update: O2's on-board too saying it's not a Vodafone exclusive, which should be good news for all those who loathe Vodafone.