Serving-Sized Wine Wets Your Whistle While You Wander

By Andrew Liszewski on at

What is a bottle of wine, really? Four glasses of the good stuff. But unless you're drinking wine in your house or at a fancy restaurant, chances are you don't have a corkscrew or stemware on you.

Stacked wine eliminates the need for both. Each 750 mL "bottle" of Stacked wine consists of four individually-sealed, perfectly-measured 187 mL plastic glasses of wine. So the next time you're out for a hike or a picnic in the park, try it! Stacked Wine might not be the classiest way to serve it up, but it's way more convenient than lugging a bottle or carrying cups.

Unfortunately, the company can't ship the wine outside California yet, but there are plans to branch out elsewhere soon. [Stacked Wine via The Atlantic]