Sir David Attenborough Sent Analogue TV Off With a Bang and Lit Up the Colossal Crystal Palace Transmitter

By Sam Gibbs on at

The iconic, massive, 219 metre tall tower in London’s Crystal Palace was set ablaze with lights in the night’s sky last night by the legend that is Sir David Attenborough. He sent the 75-year-old analogue TV off with a bang, and it was beautiful, despite the rain.

While the airwaves are now free for the 4G revolution, Arqiva also slapped a beastly high-powered digital transmitter on top of the tower, meaning you should be getting much better signal in and around London.

TV darling Prof. Brian Cox, Chris Evans and a load of other TV people joined Sir David Attenborough for the night, which in typically British fashion was plagued by downpours. It wouldn’t be Blighty without a good bit of rain despite the fact we’re in a drought at the moment.

Image credit: Arqiva