SwiftKey 3 Has Just Killed the Spacebar

By Sam Gibbs on at

Why hit the spacebar when you simply don’t need to? SwiftKey’s new Android keyboard is smart enough to know when you meant to insert that space, even if you didn’t in a whole sentence – no more incoherent virtual keyboard gibberish, just neatly formed prose from your frantic screen-bashing.

Using a “next generation auto-correct” system with its patent-pending “Smart Space” technology, SwiftKey will now know what you meant, even if you don’t have a clue; just think of the sheer seconds you'll save by not having to put those damn spaces in. It’ll even learn your writing style, predicting words it thinks you’re likely to want to write from just a few letters at a time, which'll be particularly useful after you’ve had a few on a Friday night.

Of course, SwiftKey isn’t the only predictive keyboard available on Android, but its new Smart Space really does seem like a cut above. It’s just launched in beta, so you can test it for yourself right now by joining the SwiftKey VIP forums (limited slots available). Try it out in the comments; it’ll be hilarious trying to work out what you meant even if it doesn’t do what it says on the tin. [SwiftKey via The Next Web]