T.Rex Radiator is Simultaneously The Coolest and Hottest Product Ever

By Pete Bennett on at

Fancy yourself as the next John Hammond but can’t afford all that expensive prehistoric insect amber? Not to mention the cost of frog DNA these days.

Why not reanimate a cast iron Thermasaurus in your living room instead? The T.Radiator is made up of the Cretaceous period’s most-feared skeleton and includes an anatomically correct (and highly-efficient) skull, spine, ribs, legs and tail bone.

The insanely-awesome radiator was dreamt up by the team at Art. Lebedev Studio and has been designed to plug-and-play with your existing central heating system, so can be placed in any room you choose.

The jagged jawline of the ferocious predator is probably a no-no for those with little ‘uns. However, for the rest of us, just imagine playing out this scene every time you invite someone round to your house:

Guest: "You said you've got a T-Rex?"

You: "Uh huh!"

Guest: "Say again?"

You: "We have a T-Rex!"

Or, yelling out every time someone enters the kitchen:

Quiet, all of you! They're approaching the Tyrannosaur paddock.

Mum's the word on pricing or availability yet but who are we kidding? Everyone must buy this regardless of the price and as soon as possible, after all, they spared no expense.

[Art. Lebedev Studio via iO9 -- Cheers Darrell!]