Tesco's Going Head-to-Head With Amazon

By Sam Gibbs on at

Tesco might be the biggest brick and mortar retailer in the UK, but now it wants a piece of the online market that Amazon’s currently dominating. It’s taking to the marketplace-like approach to do it, letting other retailers like Maplin list in its online store, and you’ll still get Club Card points too.

I can’t say I’ve shopped much on Tesco Direct myself, and letting other retailers in like Amazon’s Marketplace does probably isn’t going to change that. Unless it’s cheaper of course, and easy to use. Google loves Amazon, there’s no doubt. While some people stick to shopping on Amazon directly, I reckon the vast majority buy things through search – something Tesco’s going to have to play serious catch-up on.

If Tesco wants a slice of the Amazon pie it’s going to have to up its game online, but at least now you can buy that £52 HDMI cable you've always wanted from your grocer. Would you to ditch Amazon for Tesco on your next gadget shop? [The Next Web]