The BBC's Giving You Multi-Angle and On-Board Formula One Camera-Action Right Through Your TV

By Sam Gibbs on at

That’s right, all that fancy “driver tracking” and live streaming of on-board cameras from each car plus the pit lane, isn’t exclusive to Sky. The satellite broadcaster might have an awesome iPad app to do it, but the good ol’BBC is pumping it down its brand new “connected TV” red button service, and some of you lucky sods will be able to get it for this weekend’s race in China.

Enviable Virgin Media TiVo users will be able to access the new BBC Sport app through their red buttons from this weekend, which will also give you live access to the practice sessions that aren’t broadcast on BBC One. You’ll get multi-feed coverage, simulcasts of the race and qualifying, plus you’ll be able to stalk your favourite driver as he hurtles around the track.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, the BBC’s fancy new streaming app is only for Virgin TiVo users for the time being. Other “connected TVs” and platforms like consoles and streaming boxes will get access to the BBC Sport app before the Olympics. For now we’ll just have to sit on our hands, or sign up to Virgin or Sky of course. At any rate, we might finally have a good excuse to plug that ethernet cable into the back of our TVs. [BBC]