The Best/Worst April Fool's Day Gags of 2012

By Kat Hannaford on at

It's the most dreaded day of the year, particularly for tech bloggers who have to be extra-watchful for spurious rumours and chancers' product announcements. But that doesn't mean there aren't some real doozies that are worth a chuckle or two. Step over the banana skin on the floor, and take a gander below:


O2's On & On Phone

Don't be confused with the new On & On tariff O2 launched last Friday -- that's definitely real; this handset less so. Touting a 92-day battery-life, this phone may have a protruding battery larger than Ron Jeremy's package, but hey, at least it runs Ice Cream Sandwich, right?


8-Bit Google Maps

Every year Google usually steals the limelight with its awesome gags on April 1st, and this time 'round, its attentions have been turned to Google Maps, which has been given a new 8-bit "Quest" layer especially for the NES. But you can try it yourself in your nearest browser. [Google Maps]


Tivoli PAL XL

Supersizing the original Tivoli PAL radio to 152cm heights, the AM/FM radio may cost £1,500, but at least it's got a 63.5cm full-range driver in that shiny red exterior? [Tivoli]


Firebox's Dubstepladder

Promising to "take grime to new heights," the Dubstepladder mixes original dubstep beats for you as you clamber up and down the steps...with LEDs flashing the whole time, too. [Firebox]


Red5's Sharephones

These Sharephones are actually kind of convincing -- and let's face it, who wouldn't want a "silent disco threesome," huh? Don't answer that. [Red5]


Tesco's phone for dogs

Why do dogs need phones? What, are you barking mad or something? Tesco's "pedigree" handsets are designed for dog-use and come with special pay-per-bark tariffs.


TomTom's Darth Vader research

Citing research from its Project GAGA survey, TomTom found that using Darth Vader's voice as the navigational aid in the car makes children's happiness soar by 68 per cent. Guess they like all that heavy breathing. [YouTube]


Phones 4U's Gnomes 4U

Did you know garden gnomes can boost mobile signal? Us neither, but Phones 4U is rebranding (for one day only!) some of its stores as Gnomes 4U, with many famous faces inspiring the humble garden gnomes, including Angelina Jolie (Angelina Gnomie); Kylie Minogue (Kylie Mignome) and a certain ex-Prime Minister, Gnomey Blair. [Phones 4U]

Seen any more cringeworthy / hilarious gags this year? Shout out below...